Corbel is actively searching for new lots. On average we purchase 6 to 8 lots per year (ranging from 13,000 sq. ft to 40,000 sq. ft).

It is very common for prospects to approach Corbel in search of lots. In doing so, they proceed to tour homes built by Corbel, understand specifications/allowances and prices, and make an informed decision to select Corbel as a preferred home builder, even though they do not currently own the lot. This leads to establishing a client/builder partnership that allows us to identify goals to accomplish the project as a team.

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When searching for a lot most ideal for you, our team goal is to identify lot parameters. Lot parameters include but are not limited to:


  • Size
  • View
  • Price


  • Neighborhood
  • School Zoning
  • And many more




Once we have identified the lot type, Corbel uses its many advantages in the market place to seek out the desired lot type and purchase for availability to the customer. Once secured, Corbel and the customers begin the design phase as a team in order to create and build a premium product at a great price.

Call us today for a list of our current inventory or to acquire a site for your future home.